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: this is a fox news alert. third explosion at nuclear reactor number 2 happening a short while ago. causing japan to have new grave fears of a radiation leak. this nightmare just got worse. shepard smith is live in japan. latest from him in minutes. right now, more than 2,000 confirmed dead. waves of bodies washing ashore. that is only the beginning. the number of dead is expected to hit 10,000 or more. millions tonight have no food, no water and no heat in near freezing temperatures. they are homeless and cramming into shelters. this hell on earth started with the quake, then the monster tsunami wiping out villages. the only thing left to one village is their website. everything else, including its people, washed away. new haunting video from the airport. >> greta: you can hear the panic as the walls of water rolling taking everything in its wake, structures, cars even the people. at this hour, it is 11 a.m. in japan tomorrow morning where the japanese are raising the clock to prevent a nuclear meltdown. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo. >> shepard: good morning from tokyo. we are waiting
of japan. a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake shaking buildings in tokyo. the pacific tsunami warning center say a tsunami warning is in effect for a large swath of the pacific. and the nation's weather agency is warning that a tsunami as high as 10 feet could hit the northeast coastline of japan. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. japan's been rocked by several earthquakes in recent days, including a 7.3 magnitude on wednesday. a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocking japan. and there is a warning that a tsunami that could be as high as 10 feet could hit the country's northeast coastline. stay with fox news for more. back to "on the record." rush it betweeny four hours? why did you have to split the bill last night? could it have waited a week? >> i think we have seen that democrats are eager, especially on the senate level to abandon what the taxpayers demanded on november 2nd. that is, we balance our budget and not continue to kick the can down the road and let this responsibility rest at the feet of our children, sons and daughters in the state of wisconsin. i know refinanci
of these days late water the people of japan are dealing with. first a cataclysmic quake that we know was 9.0. followed by that a tsunami that no one predicted. follow that with a nuclear meltdown of sorts, of one reactor that explodes. another with a fire. now nuclear rods that are exposed sending we believe some sort of steam into the air that may contain radiation. thousands upon thousands of people missing. many hundreds still believed to be trapped beneath rub. families separated. thousands washed out to sea. economy teetering on the brink of collapse. families that can't get food, shelter and fuel to move out of the danger zone. and a government that is in some way trying to inform, the people about what their future may be. putting it all together, you couldn't write this that would be believable for hollywood. today on this wednesday morning it is reality for people across this nation to me, really the most astounding of all is, here in tokyo, life goes on almost without . inside the hotels, there are smiles on every face they greet with you open arms. at the 7-eleven they remind yo
: that may be true too. thank you guys. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of japan. >> this is a fox news alerted. >> japanese officials are now very concerned at this hour about two of the country's nuclear power plants this. after friday's massive 8.9 earthquake. an official with the nuclear safety commission is now saying that a meltdown at a nuclear power plant affected by the earthquake is possible. he says that they're actually right now checking to see whether the meltdown has taken place at one of the fukushima power plants, which had lost cooling ability after the earthquake n. all, five reactors have suffered cooling problems, basically the result of no water. the water that usually cools the nuclear material has evaporated and they are not able to get new water to it. so that's why there is this problem. authorities have detected 8 times the normal radiation levels outside one of the facilities, and nearly 14,000 people living near the plants have been evacuated. >> and just hours ago, japan was hit by a 6.8 quake, followed by several trem blores. that's
guys. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of japan. have a good weekend. "baretta" is up next. thanks for being here. we'll see you monday. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, fears of a possible nuclear meltdown in japan. japan has declared a state of emergency at five reactors at two plans after their cooling systems have fail following that massive 8.9 quake that struck japan less than 24 hours ago. thousands at this hour evacuating as radiation levels rise 1,000 times above normal. right now, you are looking at a new video of a ravaged japan. fires sweeping across this decimated country. 30 foot wall of water swallowing up communities. death toll expected to surpass 1,000. right now it is 12 noon in japan. that quake is ravaging japan, causing ferocious tsunamis at 500 mile per hour waves in the pacific that we are feeling here in the united states tonight. at this hour, coastlines halfway around the world are all bracing for disaster from the pacific island to the united states. the shores of hawaii and california where one person is dead after being swept out to sea. cal
ruptured japan. just minutes ago the japanese military making the extraordinary discovery and the rescue. the man buried in rubble in one of japan's hardest hit area. and more breaking news. japan makes another announcement though this is grim. the nuclear crisis level raised to a level five. meanwhile, more bad news. time, well, it is running out. japan could be facing its final option, to bury an active nuclear reactor and right now, teams are scrambling to get power pumping into two reactors. they have repaired the power cable but don't take a deep breath. they don't know if the power is working yet and even should the power work they don't know if the pumps they seek to get pumping with the power are working. the situation tonight remains very unstable. very uncertain and no one can tell you exactly what is going happen. and what about the japanese people? those who live near the nuclear reactors? are they getting the truth, all of it. that matters. this is life or death with them. their anxiety, it is real and it is rational. one nuclear plant chief is in tears. he says people could
that destroyed significant parts of the northern part of japan on the coast and the third could be the worst, which is nuclear fallout and the worst of that situation. just from what we know which as you mentioned the information is changing rapidly, it is hampering search-and-rescue efforts significantly and the ability to get supplies to the city affected most by the earthquake and tsunami. i have her stories from someone, her sister-in-law, she is at one shelter and so much of the infrastructure is destroyed or damaged and so is the information, it is scattered, and assistance is coming in from all over, and the buildings with collapsed but the video shows it was. that is the situation. making it very tough especially for the search-and-rescue folks gathering in tokyo who want to head north. but they can't because the reactor is on the road that goes from the worst areas from the earthquake and tsunami. >>dave: this is frightening. and now, our guest says worst case scenario is it reaches the united states, the bpc is reporting that serious damage to the nuclear reactor is unlikely despit
.s. nuclear watchdog is saying get out because it is getting worse. japan is consumed with enormous uncertainty. is there going to be a met down? nothing is looking encouraging. the u.s. and japan are with each other how close we are to a meltdown. u.s. nuclear agency is urging americans to stay 50 miles from the fukushima nuclear power plant. at home, the president is under attack by some for what he was doing today. unveiling his march madness draft picks. more on that later. first, extremely high. u.s. nuclear regulatory commission warning of extremely high radiation levels. so bad that right now u.s. forces have been directed not to go near fukushima. americans have been told to keep 50 miles away. that's more than double than what the japanese had been warned. the eu energy commissioner says practically everything is out of control. will this crisis be contained? no one knows. we know there is white smoke bursting out of fukushima and it is unexplained. and the u.s. says the water that was supposed to cool the spent fuel rods at unit 4 is now gone. the japanese, they deny it.
you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, just in, new and more smoke at fukushima japan's nuclear safety agency announcing smoke is rising from a building housing reactor number 2. there was an explosion at reactor 2 this week. right now the agency does not know the cause of this smoke. americans are being told to get out. state department warning citizens it is time to evacuate japan. the american government cannot guarantee it is safe. many japanese say their government has abandoned them. they have received no information and no help. one japanese mayor whose town is 12 miles from the nuclear plant says they are leaving us here to die. the situation japan is getting increasingly dangerous. it is un . people are packing to evacuate. it is so unstable the state department has begun evacuating americans on chartered flights. that first with 100 onboard departed hours allege. that's the easy evacuation. what about the americans trapped in other parts of the country? parts where roads have been ruptured by the quake and a challenge to get to? 14 buses are headed to sendai. you know about s
and the libyan government agreed, allegedly, to a cease-fire. we have a live report. >> in japan, crews are continuing the massive water drop open the reactors as the u.s. military is on stand by. the latest ahead. >> and good morning, americans. today the government will borrow $5 billion. and the fix day what this means to you, straight ahead. you are watching "fox and friends" beginning right now. thank you for joining us. we have breaking news because a plane has been shot down over libya and we are live in benghazi with the latest. what do we know? >> good morning. benghazi is under attack from deaf's army. there are taverns in the city of benghazi, the second largest city with a million resident although many have fled the city. there was incoming fire, possibly from a war ship in the mediterranean. and possibly from above. now, we have to caution viewers we do not know if the plane shot down belonged to the lynnian army or opposition forces. the rebels had a couple of jetss and it is possible us was trying to reach the tanks. we do not know it it is an opposition jet but it was s
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. >> reporter: the deadly tsunami which destroyed much of japan's north eastern coast was as high as a six or seven story building we are being told. researchers are putting the height of the waves at nearly 80 feet in one place. that is still far below another tsunami which hit japan in 1896 that measured 125 feet high the state department says 10 or fewer americans are still missing in japan. so far one u.s. citizen is confirmed dead because of that quake. >> u.s. soldier sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murders of three arm afghan civilians last year. he pleaded guilty. making it look as if they were combat deaths. the 23-year-old will testify against four other soldiers charged in the same crime. i'm ainsley earhart. now back to greta. >> greta: everyone knows whether or not the health care law is constitutional, it will be decided by the united states supreme court. so what is the problem? why not get the supreme court to died it now not later so we all know? legal battles creates lots of uncertainy, giant waste of money. we don't have a lot of spare cash so we can play lawyer
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the import of dairy products and produce from japan's quake ravaged northeast region. the order prompted by concerns of radioactive fallout from the plan in fukushima. japanese seafood can still be sold here after undergoing radiation screenings. engineers at the plant report they are reconnecting powerlines to all six reactors. it could still be days or weeks before they can reactivate the water pumps needed to cool the fuel rods. >> yemen's president is warning his country could be facing a bloody civil war if he is forced from office. protesters want the leader to leave now. top military commanders have joined the opposition. the president has offered to step down by end of the year. i'm ainsley earhart. we now return to greta. >> greta: the fight in wisconsin goes on and on. as you recall, last friday a judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the governor's new collective bargaining statute from going into effect. that did not make the governor and the republicans happy. now they are fighting back. filing an appeal yesterday. what happened today? senate majority leader
. the nation of japan now in a state of maximum alert. that warning since japan's prime minister as the crippled nuclear power plant in fukushima continues to leak radiation. containment efforts hit another setback when two plant workers were drenched in radioactive water. u.s. energy experts hope to minimize further risk by sending robotic machines to survey areas of the plant which are now too dangerous for humans. the south korean military's reporting they are holding artillery drills on the island that was shelled by the north last year. two civilians and two marines were killed. that island lies on a disputed border between the two koreas. the artillery is said to be pointed south, away from the north. an official of the south korean government says the second live fire drill since the last attack in november. back to greta. wisconsin. another ron in a brutal fight over collective bargaining and -- state employees. a judge issued a temporary restraining order march 18th, putting the governor's new collective bargaining law on hold. friday the law was published not by the sec
happened in japan. and she is demanding we invade tsunami. she said these tsunamians women not get away with this. speaking of dumb [ bleep ] >> greta: hbo did not bleep that word, we did. first the nationalors for women didn't comment about his verbal attack. a short time ago the organization issued this statement saying, stop degrading women with whom you disagree and/or don't like by using female body terms or other gender associated slurs. then, the group went on to attack so-called conservative right wingers saying you are trying to take up our time getting us to defend your friend sarah palin if you keep us busy defending her we have less time to defend women's bodies from the onslaught of reproductive rights, attacks and other threats to our freedom. we report, you decide. >> speaking of sarah palin, she will be here live on the record tomorrow night. she just returned from a trip to israel. she is going to get the same thai of interview here that secretary of state clinton and minority leader nancy pelosi both get when they go on the record. substance, not degrading insults. tom
for no job that was my job. [ laughing ] japan handling is a job, is common in some places. here in san francisco, packs of young, healthy kids, beg for spare change. >> got to survive. got to eat, drink. >> an art student interviewed some of the kids. >> wake up in the morning. start drinking. go to bed. do it again. >> they have the most deep-seated sense of entitlement that i've ever come across. >> want to sit where we want. >> this is our home. >> punishing hopeless people for being homeless when insufficient shelter space is unavailable. >> america's homeless advocates say government should solve this problem by spending more on social services, shelters, subsidies for affordable housing. jobs program. >> this solution is irrelevant to these kids, because they are not planning on settling down. they don't want housing. >> rely on the generosity of others. there's some generous people. >> there sure are. >> thank you so much sir. >> this begger collected $8 in less than an hour. past minimum wage. >> can you help me ma'am? >> that's me with a beard. thank you. since people wouldn't
. >> reporter: japan's prime minister now warning his country is in a state of maximum alert. the alarm prompted by fears the radioactive core in one of the reactors might have melted through the bottom of its containment vessel. deadly radiation continues to leak. radioactivity in the seawater near the plant said to be 3,000 times beyond the legal limit. >> new report reveals home prices still falling. according to the standard & poor's index. atlanta, detroit, have as go and cleveland home values have fallen to levels since we haven't seen since 2000. high unemployment and tougher lending requirements are keeping many buyers out of the market. i'm ainsley earhart. we now return to on the record with greta. >> greta: breaking news in wisconsin. another ron in a brutal fight over collective bargaining and -- state employees. a judge issued a temporary restraining order march 18th, putting the governor's new collective bargaining law on hold. friday the law was published not by the secretary of state by the legislative reference bure the governor said the law was officially published and he was e
, president obama says he wants to focus on situations in libya and japan. there is no game to watch. >> that is your last call, we're closing down shop. th
a barrel on tuesday. a few hours ago, a strong earthquake in tokyo, centering 200 miles north of japan's largest city, tremors on the coastline, prompting a tsunami alert. no word on any big waves reaching the shoreline. and reports show that more than 5 million people could feel the earthquake. so far, no reports of damage or injuries. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record" with greta. if you would like more informs, check out our web site, foxnews.com. >> greta: is there a loophole in the new health care law? maybe if you live in tennessee. the state's health freedom act is heading to the governor's desk. it says every tennessee resident is tree to or decline services without penalty or -- is free to accept or decline services without penalty or punishment. your bill does this mean you don't have to do that federal mandate is that what your law says? >> that's correct. it states that we have a choice to embrace government health care or to not. it is protected by the state of tennessee government. so the federal government cannot tick date their will to news tennessee
attempted to apprehend hood. >> the crisis in japan continuing to get worse at failing nuclear site. officials say the radiation has contaminated seawater offshore from the complex. radiation in that water now more than 1,000 times the normal level which could mean a ban on seafood, exports from the area. and the crippled plant is causing problems at sea the ocean water is causing problems for the plant. officials say that dumping ocean water on the reactors left a salty residue which is causing corrosion, and the navy now delivering fresh water to help cool the reactors, instead. >> a judge now ordering a mental examination for a man accused of leaving an explosive device outside a federal building in detroit last month. this after he told the court what he was a former president and the governor of california. it was just last week a bomb squad destroyed the device at a city park but no one was hurt. >> and we know the name of the air traffic controller who fell asleep on the job forcing two plans to land without clearance at washington's reagan national airport. he is a superviso
florida to mississippi. officials there say three houses were destroyed and 40 others damaged. >> in japan the u.n. nuclear agency saying high levels of radiation were found outside of the evacuation zone. elevated levels found at a village 25 miles from the fukushima nuclear plant. this as low levels of radiation turned up in milk from washington state. the fda says there is no need for you at home to worry. i'm ainsley earhart. now back to greta. >> greta: an important event is going on in dallas. the afghan women's conference spearheaded by someone you know very well. former first lady laura bush. while in the white house and since she left the white house she has been using her star power to help women in afghanistan. tomorrow night mrs. bush goes on the record. here's a tease about the conference. explain what the u.s.-afghan women's council is? >> it was a partnership between the public sector and private sector that was formed by president bush and president karzai in 2002. the idea behind it to address the enormous challenges that were being phased by -- faced by women and concern
to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: new pools of radioactive water found leaking from japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant. tokyo electric power says plutonium has been detected in the soil outside of the plant. the amount is said to be and not to pose a risk to the public. discovery of the plutonium had been expected. new tests have found contamination in the ocean has spread a mile north. but is still inside the 12 mile evacuation zone. >> funeral mass for geraldine ferraro will be held thursday in new york city. the first woman to run for vice president. democrat walter mondale choosing her as his running nate 1984. the former congresswoman passing away saturday from blood cancer. the services will be private. she was 75-years-old. i'm ainsley earhart, back to greta. >> greta: donald trump is fired up about 2012. he seems to have his eye on the white house. will he run? right now he's not backing down from a firestorm he has revved up over president obama's birth certificate. we asked donald trump what's got him all fired up? nice to have you join us. >> thank you greta. >> gret
america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. japan's nikkei stock index, rebounding after a rocky opening, stocks falling 1 1/2% on early trading on news that highly toxic plutonium was found in the soil at the crippled fukushima nuclear plant. the amount said to be small and not pose a health risk. also, tokyo electric power says new pools of radioactive water were found leaking from the plant. the commerce department reporting consumer spending up slightly in february. much of that money going to pay for gasoline. it's now more expensive than ever for this time of year. the national average, $3.58 a gallon. that's 78 cents more than this time last year. economists are concerned if energy costs keep going up, it could leave consumers with less money to spend on other items. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: donald trump is fired up about 2012. he seems to have his eye on the white house. will he run? right now he's not backing down from a firestorm he has revved up over president obama's birth certificate. we asked donal
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)